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Something to REALLY be scared of

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The other day Jodie posted about some of her fears. All of them plenty scary too, except I had to remind her how afraid she is of bears. Good thing she has me. Well, I sure am glad she didn’t catch sight of me Sunday afternoon.
I had been sitting around like a lump all day and eating like it was my last meal, so I decided to take a walk. The rain had died down some, so I pulled up my hood and headed out. About 20 minutes into my health walk, the rain and wind really started to pick up, so I turned around to head back home. The rain was lashing my hood and rain and snot dripped from my face. I looked down and there lying right on the edge of the road was a fairly large, open hunting knife. My first thought was “that’s going to hurt someone”, so I instinctively picked it up. My second thought was “what the heck am I doing! I can’t carry this thing all the way home, what am I going to do with it now?” So there I was, looking like a crazed maniac trudging up the hill wielding a large knife, in the pouring rain. I decided the best thing for me to do was to place the knife on top of a pile of rocks, decoratively stacked in front of the little church. Feeling glad that the rain was washing away my finger prints. Then I found 50 cents. Then a headless gnome.

One thought on “Something to REALLY be scared of

  1. Did you recover the head of the gnome also? Do you think he was a victim of foul play by some hunting knife wielding maniac?

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