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MY Reptile Brain Pet


You know, I am thinking I don’t need any pets because I have that reptile part of my brain instead (at the bottom of the brain stem, right? The basal ganglia).  It has been very active lately with its strong messages such as, “Food!  Warmth!  Love!  Fear!”  If I could, I would take it out and pet it, but it is hard to love a reptile. 

If I had an amphibian brain, I would like that a lot more because I think frogs are cute.  I remember back when I was a kid, there was this frog jumping contest in Paducah and also a costume contest.  The one dressed as Elvis won.  An Elvis frog!  If I could take out my basal ganglia I would dress it as Elvis, too, or maybe as a rap star of some kind.


2 thoughts on “MY Reptile Brain Pet

  1. I’m not absolutely sure, but I think maybe the role of reptilian rapper may already be filled……not sure, but I do think you may be too late on this one.

  2. Ok, I also like a Barbie frog or maybe a celebrity chef frog. A frog in chef togs! Adorable!

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