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Feverish dreams


This past week my family had the flu. No one was spared, not even me. The high fever caused me to have vivid and memorable dreams. One night I dreamed I was helping my teacher friend care for all the babies at her school. The babies were kept in dog crates, and seemed to like the security the cages offered. Another night I dreamed (yes teacher friend, correct word usage!) that I was driving my college car, a 1992 Geo Metro, off a water slide. Well, it was more like a log flume. As I careened off the top, my treasure chest went flying out the back of my beloved car.
I guess the craziest thing I dreamed was that Jodie named me president of the blog, and she took a hiatus from writing. Oh hail, I can not be the commander and chief! And thank God it was only a dream, because I see that girl is back to blogging away!


4 thoughts on “Feverish dreams

  1. Just because I like this post doesn’t mean I am happy that you all were sick, you know. I do feel a little bit happy that you had such amazing dreams, however.

  2. Thanks (other) JJM! It was so good to see that Geo Metro again!

  3. I hear if you take malaria drugs it will give you crazy dreams. That didn’t happen to me though.

  4. Jodie! When did you have malaria? Or take the drugs to prevent malaria? I just had no idea.

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