Fried Chicken & Lentils

Everyday Life with Jodie and Susan

A Sunday Out

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Today my friend got me to drink a “special” glass of apple cider and I immediately went into a sort of sugar coma and had to rest my eyes for the next two hours before I could drive home.  I thought about telling her to get her butt off the couch we were sitting on in the bookstore so I could lay down, but I thought that was maybe going too far.  There was a pretty nice-looking coffee table right next to us she could have sat on, though.  We were pumped up on the way to the restaurant and bookstore because we were two ladies out on the town and we were talking super fast and exchanging deep, insightful women-type information, but by the time I left the restaurant, I was slouching and looking like a cotton-eyed dummy without a word to say for myself.  I had had big plans to go out for a wildflower walk, but that seemed super ambitious after that and I thought when I got home, I probably better lay around and watch TV instead.


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