Fried Chicken & Lentils

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I am posting again because I need to be out walking and I hate walking by myself around my neighborhood like a rat in a maze unless, of course, I am going down to the drugstore to buy some chocolate and/or bags of chips, so this is my way of procrastinating.  I’m “working” on my blog, so I can’t be bothered with something like exercise.  I am thinking really hard about getting out and getting going as you can see by the serious way I am approaching it in this post and soon I won’t even need to go to the drugstore as a motivation, which would also cancel out the health effects of walking if I eat a whole bag of chips. Soon, very soon, I will stop typing and walk outside.  I mean, practically any minute now.  Really.  The next time you see me I will have walked.  Also, I may have bought some chips or leftover chocolate bunnies at the drugstore because they are so on sale.


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