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Everyday Life with Jodie and Susan

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That Susan has what I tend to think of as such an elegant, aristocratic soul.  For example, yesterday she composed a lovely paraphrase of a famous poem quite spontaneously.  I can hardly reproduce its beauty here, but it was something like “Stopping by the woods to pee on a snowy evening…my friend wonders why we’ve stopped.”  It takes a really good mind to be able to compose poetry on the spot like that.


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I’m Strong

Well, thanks to my buff immune system, I was not laid low during the recent flu outbreak.  I have even been sharing lip balm with a recuperee and have suffered no ill effects.  Although, yesterday, I did throw up when I got home.  But, it was only once, and by 9 p.m., I was eating beef jerky.  That’s right, thanks to all those herbal supplements protecting my constitution, I was back on the the dried meat in just a few short hours.


Feverish dreams

This past week my family had the flu. No one was spared, not even me. The high fever caused me to have vivid and memorable dreams. One night I dreamed I was helping my teacher friend care for all the babies at her school. The babies were kept in dog crates, and seemed to like the security the cages offered. Another night I dreamed (yes teacher friend, correct word usage!) that I was driving my college car, a 1992 Geo Metro, off a water slide. Well, it was more like a log flume. As I careened off the top, my treasure chest went flying out the back of my beloved car.
I guess the craziest thing I dreamed was that Jodie named me president of the blog, and she took a hiatus from writing. Oh hail, I can not be the commander and chief! And thank God it was only a dream, because I see that girl is back to blogging away!

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The Corporation Wins

I just loaded my grocery store discount card with a lot of free stuff and went and got all those items.  I thought I was really pulling one over on that company.  Bunch of suckers, I thought, giving me free stuff, until I got my bill and realized I spent 1 and 1/2 times what I normally do.  How did they trick me?


I Am Willing to Compromise…

Well, Susan, it’s practically unanimous.  Everyone is missing Jodieandsusan pretty badly.  That’s right; we have continued to have 5 or more page views per day despite not even posting.  Wow!  I am willing to keep writing posts if someone is willing to deliver me a hot breakfast every day at 7:15 a.m. consisting of bacon, scrambled eggs, toast with butter, fresh fruit, or sometimes sausage casserole or homemade granola and organic yogurt.  Not to be too picky.  I am willing to compromise, so just let me know!


We Regret to Inform You

Dear Loyal Jodieandsusan Readers,

You know here at Jodieandsusan we are committed to bringing consistent, high-quality content to our audience on a regular basis and because of this dedication, the response has been tremendous.  Why, in the mere five months or so that we’ve been in operation, we have had upwards of nine page views per day.  That shows that you care and we here at Jodieandsusan want you to know that we’re listening.

The astronomical growth of Jodieandsusan has caused some unanticipated problems, however, resulting in a complete restructuring of the corporation.  The president of Jodieandsusan, Susan, takes these concerns very seriously, almost in deadly earnestness.  She is not kidding around about the content that Jodieandsusan brings you.  Our blog is humorous, but there’s nothing funny about how serious Susan is taking these issues.  That is why we can’t take chances and must deliver content on a less-frequent, but yet-to-be-determined basis.  But, don’t worry, dear readers, there won’t be any change in the pricing, cost structures, or contracts you may have signed pertaining to Jodieandsusan.  All changes will be internal, as our president, Susan, faces the new future of Jodieandsusan and makes some serious, earnest changes as she is wont to do.

Please direct all comments to our parent company or to our administrator, who I am pretty sure said I would get rich writing this blog, but I have yet to see one thin dime, thank you very much.

Your friend,


P.S.:  You know I spent $3.13 buying a blog name that we never could get to work and Susan owes me money still, but I am not bitter.  I’m serious.

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Pajama Day

There was pajama day at our learning group the other day.  My pajamas are my normal clothes so I just wore them.  I wear sweatpants everywhere, so it worked out pretty well and I can just hop right in bed without having to change, plus I am ready for any special days when I am supposed to be wearing pajamas during the day.  I think that’s what is called multi-purpose or maybe multi-function.  Yep.